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 About me - Brian Dougherty 

I have held many jobs during my life from dishwasher to concessions, cook to projectionist, theater manager to restaurant manager, part-time radio announcer, board operator, janitor to morning drive, operations director and then program director duties added. I learned some technical skills from some mentoring engineers.

I then furthered my education to pursue my Associate Degree in Electronic Engineering with a Certificate in Broadcast Technologist. After graduating. I received the opportunity to work at Harris (Gates Air). I also was hired to perform ‘Mock’ inspections for the Illinois Broadcasters Association. I am in my 22nd year working for the ILBA.

In 2008, I furthered my education goals to learn law, and to be able to better interpret rules and regulations. I enrolled in the University of Illinois in the pre-law program.

In 2016, I began work for the Indiana Broadcasters Association. I continue today. 

In 2017, I filled in a few weeks in Ohio and trained an Inspector to take over their state. I continue as a backup as needed.

I put my mind to a goal and conquer it. I always try and give a helping hand. If I cannot give an answer, I will do my best to find an answer. The object of the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program is to first help the station that is requesting an inspection. It is up to me or the Association to provide the best service we can provide.

If you are a station owner or GM, PD or Chief and would like more information on the program feel free to contact me or the state association in your area. And please mention me by name!                                                                                       


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